Finding Closure

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Nov 19, 2018 10:05:30 AM

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, there are two options to keep them on your noggin: the D-ring and the quick-release retention systems, and some people have their druthers. In either case, comfort is key.

We’ve all seen, and at one time, likely struggled to fasten a double D-ring system. The strap is threaded through both of the D-rings and then back through the first ring and tightened. Aside from a little fumbling, it’s fairly simple.

Double D-rings are strong and reliable, found on a majority of helmets across all price points, and gives riders a tight fit with every use.

Although quick release systems have been more widely used in Europe, they are a great alternative and picking up steam in the U.S. Quick release is handy for people who remove their helmet often, even with gloves on. The key to securing the helmet is making sure it clicks into position.

Consumers are faced with a wealth of choices when it comes to choosing a helmet, but one thing is certain. A helmet is nothing without a correctly fastened double D-ring or quick release retention system. 

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