Weighing your options

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Feb 8, 2018 3:17:50 PM

To some, motorcycles are a luxury - not a necessity. Although I disagree on that point, I do agree that buying a motorcycle, whether new or used, is a serious investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Buying the right motorcycle that’s also the perfect fit for your budget is an important process. There are­­­­ several major aspects to take into consideration, according to DMV.org, a great online site I found with a wealth of good information.

Here is a comparison of the differences between buying a new or used motorcycle. The perfect “fit” factor, however, depends on a few differences.

Buying a new motorcycle is best for:

  • New motorcycle riders
  • Those who are not mechanically inclined
  • Those interested in a specific type of bike
  • Those who want the newest technology or model available
  • Those wanting the comfort of reliability with a warranty

Buying a used motorcycle may be a good idea for:

  • Experienced riders or beginners who don’t want to worry about damaging a bike that's not already in perfect shape
  • Those with at least some understanding of motorcycle mechanics
  • Those looking for a good deal
  • No setup fees

No matter which you choose, the decison you make is the right decision for you.


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