If Helmets Could Talk

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Sep 24, 2018 3:10:54 PM

Your motorcycle says a lot about your personality, but what does your helmet add to the conversation?

Different helmets do different things. You wouldn’t wear a football helmet while working construction, right?

Likewise, a motorcycle helmet tells the world if you’re a careful rider, thrill- seeker, or a bit of both. Lucky for you, Fulmer carries a whole host of helmets sure to redefine your personality.

Take the Fulmer 151 Pulse full-face helmet. It not only looks good but provides the utmost in protection, which fits full faced helmet wearers who are cautious and careful. They wouldn’t be caught dead without a helmet on, even heading across town for a gallon of milk.

Riders looking for more of a thrill when hitting the road, choose Fulmer’s open-face helmets, like the 353 Eon, which combines retro cool with modern day technology. Looking good and feeling protected are the modus operandi for thrill-seekers.

Sometimes riders have a tough time making a decision between the two types of helmets. They’re sure about wanting the protection of a full-face, but love feeling the wind blow on their face. Fulmer has the perfect “in-between” helmet – like the 400 Cruz modular helmet by Fulmer. Push-button release lets riders enjoy some fresh air at a stoplight or while parked without having to remove the helmet.

No matter what your style, we can’t stress enough how important a helmet is to your safety. It’s not a be-all-end-all answer, but wearing a helmet can protect a rider’s brain, face and life.

One final thing a person’s helmet says about them is this: You are a responsible person and take motorcycling seriously.

For more information on Fulmer’s full line of helmets, go to fulmerpowersports.com.



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