Record Snowfall = Happy Snowmobilers

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Mar 12, 2019 2:04:28 PM

The Farmer’s Almanac predicted a cold and snowy winter for the United States – and, boy, were they right!

Snow enthusiasts rejoiced.

“Although the snow was late getting here, it has been a banner year,” says Christine Jourdain, executive director of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, based in East Lansing, MI.  

“The weather turned cold and the snow started to fall - and continued to fall. The combination of the cold weather and new snow made it a great year for snowmobilers.”

Sufficient snow conditions are necessary in order to snowmobile, although there is no ideal amount that must be met, Jourdain said. “We, of course, want to protect the resources under the snow - as well as our snowmobiles.”

Too much snow, however, can pose serious problems. “Avalanche conditions in the west are something that must be carefully monitored,” Jourdain said. “The different types of snow that fall, the weather conditions and the snowpack are indicators of avalanche conditions. There have been many avalanches in the west this winter and many avalanche danger posts.”

Here in the Midwest rain is expected this weekend. Rain is never a good thing for snowmobilers, Jourdain added. “Depending on the temperatures, and the amount of rain that falls will depend on the impact of the trails.”  

Above freezing temperatures here will soon bring an end to local snowmobile fun. But, hey, there’s always upper-Michigan.

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